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“Into NRL….get into this!” – Craig Cooper

“Love it! No holds bared comments, heaps of funny’s and the lads know their history!” – Kurtis Kent

“True rugby league legend” – Vic R

“If you love rugby league you will love this podcast” – bartrim13

“This podcast says the things us regular fans want to hear about. Through the voice of 2 real fans with no agenda is refreshing!” – Jeffrey102

“This podcast is magnificent. Glorious. Just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. That’s what she said!” – AndrewRLP

“Best NRL podcast out there right now and makes for easy listening. So much more insightful than the channel 9 commentary team!” – OwlQueen12

“One: I love Australian accents so that’s a win. Two: You won’t find an more genuine pair of guys that just love RL. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed!” – Kirst-Lou

“Best cat consumption podcast on iTunes. With Rugby League thrown in what more can you ask for?” – LukeLostinOz

“The best league podcast out there by a country mile. Excellent commentary on matters that actually matter. Good mix of humour by the hosts by throwing is good old Aussie slang – love it (and I’m an ethnic). Also the perfect amount of sprinkling in other big time sports – namely NBA, NFL and Cricket. It’s the off-season and I’m still hooked!” – Gadding;378742

“These guys are great. They pump out a million podcasts per week. The content is usually first rate talking about anything from recent happenings in Rugby League, history lessons and even hypotheticals (Like when League Freak was CEO for day). Always good for a laugh and definitely more informative than mainstream media. They love to get listeners involved and have done a few interactive live streams. Keep up the good work lads, gotta dash I’m a few episodes behind. Cheers MoFoStormfan” – stormfan79

“Fantastic episode with Tony Collins ,really entertaining and interesting, getting better and better lads ,keep up the excellent work” – derbystrlfc

“Great podcast guys. Love the multiple episodes per week. You two are easy to listen too and straight to the point on all things rugby league. Well done.” – 7_PK

“A unique rugby league podcast that all fans of the game should listen to. It has something for everyone and with the frequency and quality of the episode uploads means you will always have something to listen to. The interaction on social media with their fans is also a bonus.” – j-puff

“This is the best rugby league podcast that there is. It’s not even a year old but is now the number one podcast for me. I genuinely can’t wait for the next one. I’m a St Helens and GB fan so it sometimes pisses me off but you have accurate statistics backed up with conversation that is realistic and engaging. Fergo is the Wally Lewis of facts, and Leaguefreak is to podcasting what Matthew Elliott is to coaching. This is the best podcast out there. Keep it up guys!! ? #packertopanthers” – Champagne Saint

“A podcast hosted by two men who have great on air chemistry, are funny and know what they are talking about. It is the only league podcast that I know of that continues through the off season and it’s an easy way to keep up to date with all the latest NRL news. Whether that be discussing player transfers, contract updates, off field shenanigans or Fox sports “ staff writer” articles. Can’t wait for the next episode. Keep up the good work.” – Lcava91

“Two down to earth blokes chatting about footy and other footy related stuff such as panadol strengths. Listened to every episode and very much enjoyed the Todd Greenberg doesn’t answer your questions episode. I like how they call a spade a spade. No messing about.” – awebb98

“Are you sick of all the sameness which takes place in the NRL? Over journos patting each other on the back and reporting on their mates opinion pieces? Tired of excessive reporting of off field matters? You’ve come to the right place? Two guys; a rugby league historian and the League Freak, talking about the game with a genuine love for the game. No bells, no whistles, just honest opinion and facts…hear that, facts – I’m talking to you James Hood Ornament!” – nadinechilvers

“KS from Leeds highly recommends” – RL Historian

“The BEST darn League podcast out there! The history stuff is incredible… Love Fergo but not so sure about this League Freak guy. Have heard he could be the Panthers mascot…” – Trevor Galoot

“As high quality podcast as Freddy Got Fingered! (Ok, they told me to say this, but it’s actually true…well, kinda..)” – Coojlander

“A historican and a guy, who burned his rod talking all things Rugby League. Sometimes they have really interesting guest, but they don’t publish everything they record for some reason. Cheers” – KBrumme1978

“Quality over quantity they say, we’ll these two give you both, frequent podcasts and great analytic conten, not just parroting what the rest of the Rugby League media are saying. Even when they go off the rails towards the end of an episode it is still amusing.” – AndyM73

“Nothing quells my insatiable thirst more than a succulent Pepsi. It’s calming blue Colour always alleviates my stressful days when I’d do child labour in the coal mines as a 6 yr old. The cool dark liquid cola texture is perfect for washing down my breath after smoking three pipes of tobacco before little lunch. When Gumbuck Jim starting putting a lemon slice in his drink I thought he was an absolute madman. But know I see the genius. The podcast is always good tucker too.” – Big Roggy Ray Miles

“Yada yada yada, blah blah blah, podcast !!!” – berries mick