About The Fergo And The Freak Podcast

The Fergo and The Freak podcast is a collaboration between respected Rugby League historian and statistician Andrew Ferguson and renowned Rugby League writer and commentator League Freak.

The first episode of the podcast was recorded in March 2019 and the focus of the podcast was originally going to be on Rugby league history and how it gave context to modern day events in the game. Over time though the podcast became a mix of history, current events and a lot of listener interaction.

Andrew Ferguson

Based in Melbourne, Andrew Ferguson is a Rugby League historian, statistician and author of the bookThe Story Of Rugby League.

Andrew has become well known in Rugby League circles for his work in compiling the statistical history if the game through his website the Rugby League Project. One of, if not the biggest Rugby League website in the world, Andrew has worked hard to gather data that at times was thought lost and through his work has re-written some of the games records in many different parts of the world.

Site: Rugby League Project

Twitter: AndrewRLP

Patreon: Rugby League Project on Patreon

League Freak

Based in western Sydney, League Freak is a Rugby League writer, commentator and expert who has built a reputation on having strong opinions on the game and a cutting sense of humour.

League Freak’s first Rugby League website was built in 1997 and he first wrote under the name “League Freak” in 1999. His current website, LeagueFreak.com was born in late 2003 and has grown from a small blog and a few photos to being a huge website filled with opinions, lists, look-alikes and proudly giving budding writers an avenue to ply their trade.

Site: LeagueFreak.com

Twitter: LeagueFreak on Twitter

Patreon: League Freak on Patreon