The Chaos Of 1909

In this episode we look at the extraordinary 1909 season which proved to be a pivotal season for Australian Rugby League.

From a failed Kangaroo Tour to the famous forfeited NSWRL Final between Balmain and South Sydney, so much happened in 1909 and this is the story of that season!

Tony Collins On Rugbys Civil War

In this episode we are joined by Professor Tony Collins, a Rugby League and Rugby Union historian about the birth of the game of Rugby, Rugby Leagues split from Rugby Union, as well as the birth of Rugby League in England, Wales, New Zealand, Australia and France.

The Endeavour Cup

In this episode we look back on a short lived competition called the Endeavour Cup. While it wasn’t around for very long, it had an immediate impact on the game across the world and gave us a number of rules we now take for granted in the game.

The NRL And SL Team Of The Decade

In this episode Andrew and Freaky name their NRL and Super League teams of the decade! They boys also talk about the NEW Rugby League Patreon champion and give a teaser to upcoming episodes.

The 2019 NRL Hall Of Fame and Rugby League Immortals Discussion

In this episode we look at the 2019 NRL Hall Of Fame nominees. We talk about the selection process, how we believe it should be changed, who we think should be select, and who should not even be considered.

Robbie Farah’s Legacy And The Miserable History Of The Wests Tigers

In this episode we discuss the impact Robbie Farah has made on the Wests Tigers club. We look at the teams record when he plays, and when he doesn’t play. 

We also look at the Wests Tigers club in general, its management, the coaching changes over the years, the mistakes that have been made, and how it all effects the clubs future.

The NRL’s Best 23 And Under Team In 2019 vs The Best From 1989

In this episode we look at the best young players in the world that are 32 years old or under. We put them into a team, talk about how good they are now, and the future they could have if they continue to improve.

We then look at the best players that are 23 and under from 2019. It was one of Rugby Leagues great moments in time in terms of young players who would go on to become legends in the game.

State Of Origin Special: The Birth Of A Series – The Wally Lewis Era 1980-1991

In the first of a three part series we look at the history of the Rugby League State Of Origin series. As we look at the history of interstate football between NSW and QLD from 1908 to 1981 and we talk about the birth of State Of Origin football.

We go through each thrilling series, the highlights, the low-lights, the players who stood out, and the people that shaped this incredible contest.

The Evolution Of Rugby League Rules

In this episode we look at the history of rule changes over the course of Rugby League history. From the very early days in England where the sport was basically a slightly different version of Rugby Union, right through the games golden era that saw major changes made, up until this season with rules such as the HIA rules.

Andrew Ferguson Book Launch – The Story Of Rugby League

BOOK LAUNCH: In this very special episode Andrew Ferguson talks about his book – The Story Of Rugby League

Covering the history of the game in Australia, it is a fantastic read for all Rugby League fans and a brilliant gift idea!

The History Of Salary Cap Cheating In The NRL

On this episode we look at the long and varied history of repetitive and systematic cheating of the salary cap rules in the NRL. From the very first season of its existence to the 2019 season.

Did your team break the cap? Listen to find out!

Dennis Tutty, Player Contracts, and Why An NRL Draft Is A Terrible Idea

In this episode Andrew Ferguson and League Freak look back at the fight by Dennis Tutty to fight for the rights of players to be able to move between clubs freely, how that lead to the modern day Rugby League contract, failed moves to bring a draft into the NRL, and why an NRL draft would be such a terrible idea by looking at the NFL draft and the NBA draft!

Apple Podcast Reviews

Just two blokes, chewing the fat, about all things Rugby League (and sometimes not at all Rugby League related). Great vibe, excellent guests. Who says Rugby League has an off season?


The best league podcast out there by a country mile. Excellent commentary on matters that actually matter. Good mix of humour by the hosts by throwing in good old Aussie slang – love it (and I’m an ethnic). Also the perfect amount of sprinkling in other big time sports – namely NBA, NFL, and Cricket. Its the off-season and I’m still hooked!