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These guys are great. They pump out a million podcasts per week. The content is usually first rate talking about anything from recent happenings in Rugby League, history lessons and even hypotheticals (Like when League Freak was CEO for a day). Always good for a laugh and definitely more informative than mainstream media. They love to get listeners involved and they have done a few interactive livestreams. Keep up the good work lads, gotta dash Im a few episodes behind.

Cheers MoFoStarmfan.


I’ve really grown to like this podcast. I got into it from FCTTB. It’s two fairly informed and knowledgeable blokes yattering about footy. Just good blokes non bull stuff.

The highlight for me was the Todd Greenberg unanswered questions episode. Very funny stuff. The talk up of TheStartingBloc is a bit annoying but they’ve moved on from that.